Bridging the skills gap in emerging tech

The skills needed to tap into new technologies such as AI, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, etc. are in short supply. The businesses who crack the code of upskilling their employees in the righ

Hezzi HamidJacob JacobEster Martinez
From Startup to Scale up

A special episode dedicated to solving the HR challenges faced by startups as they transition from being a startup business to scaling up their already established company.

Simon ChildsEster MartinezTing Yan LeckAdrian Tan
Role of mentorship in leadership & development

As managers turn into mentors, it is the HR function’s responsibility to establish holistic mentorship programs for all employees. Tailoring the program to cater to the needs of minority groups such

Ann Ann LowTanie EioEster MartinezDuncan Hewett
Developing local talent for a global workplace

In an increasingly global workplace, locally sourced talent needs to have international skills. Join the conversation to learn how leaders can undertake learning and development initiatives to bridge

Evangeline ChuaSunil PuriEster Martinez
Attracting Millennials: Reimagine Hiring

Appealing to millennials & Gen Z individuals is an art. Join us in a conversation with the experts on how HR leaders can redefine the way campus hiring is done.

Ruchira BhardwajaZahira ZainuddinEster MartinezAshish Ashdhir
Journey of HR tech adoption

A rapidly transforming consumer tech landscape has even made its mark on HR. What lessons and tips can HR leaders pick up from this industry? Join the conversation on PeopleMatters TV!

Dr. Finn MajlergaardEster MartinezBambang Yapri
Managing change in the digital age

Getting used to the changing technology is just one part of the larger puzzle. A major piece of digital transformation is mastering the art of managing change in any organization.

Laurence SmithDr. Nattavut KulnidesMiguel CharnecoEster Martinez
Developing HiPos to be the CEOs

When it comes to hiring the next CEO, most look outward instead of within. A change in leadership means a major organizational transformation. Tune in to know how to navigate this change.

Dr. Ric RoiDr. Prince AugustinEster MartinezSubeer Bakshi
HR analytics - From descriptive, to predictive

Using data analytics proactively is the next challenge that the HR fraternity is grappling with. HR analytics is transforming decision making processes.

Fermin DiezEster MartinezLeong Chee Tung
Designing employee experience methodologies

Defining what employee experience is not, role of technology in agile and personalised experiences and drawing parallels/success mantras from impactful customer experience designs.

Jaclyn LeeIrvandi FerizalEster MartinezGaurav Hirey
Future-proofing employees - Mindset to Toolset

A strategic mindset towards building the employees’ skillset and set them up for success to adapt the future of jobs is essential for every business.

So-Young KangBitasta Roy MehtaRaman SidhuEster Martinez



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